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Talli's Secret


About the Author

Julie Noble studied psychology and literature at Lancaster University. Intrigued by the Bronte's, she made extensive studies before writing Talli's Secret. Julie has five children and besides her writing and family commitments, she also enjoys running a range of creative workshops with young people.

Julie has also worked on television programmes such as Heartbeat and The Royal, either as a support artiste or to accompany children. As a family they have appeared on Emmerdale and the eagle-eyed may have spotted Julie on a previous episode of Heartbeart, as a dinner guest who was robbed at gunpoint! As you can imagine, it is an interesting alternative to sitting in front of the computer all day!


Part of the inspiration for Talli's Secret came from the fact that Jonathan, one of Julie's sons struggles everyday with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.

When Jonathon was first diagnosed with Dyspraxia (or Developmental Coordination Disorder -DCD -as it is sometimes known), Julie knew very little about the subject, so she joined the Dyspraxia Foundation for more information. One of the magazines sent by them contained an article about the Brontes from Howarth. Julie had studied Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte at University, and was immediately intrigued that the article took the description of Helen Burns as an example.

Helen Burns was based on Charlotte's eldest sister, Maria Bronte, who had died as a result of becoming ill at the boarding school the four eldest Bronte sisters attended. After reading this article Julie bought ‘The Brontes', a Biography by Juliet Barker. It took some months to absorb the mass of detail in that excellent book, and then a fellow author suggested that she write a book for children. Immediately Julie thought that it would be good to write a book about the child who met the Brontes, and with her son's difficulties in mind, the idea for Talli's Secret was born.

The locations of Haworth Parsonage and Oakwell Hall provided further inspiration, and the bones of the story began to appear, though it took many revisions before the story that you can read today was complete.