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Talli's Secret as an educational tool

As a teacher speaking on behalf of his Year Six class, I have to congratulate Julie Noble for this wonderful story of a girl fighting to stay afloat in a world that is determined to pull her under. Julie Noble's description of characters within the story is so powerful my pupils could not help but empathise completely with Cassie. The fascinating mix of fact and fiction opens up a whole world of intrigue and discovery for any child, whether they are 10 and 11 like my class or 28 like myself. Well done Julie Noble!! One of the best books I've read in ages.

- S Burley, Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

What a wonderful book!

As a mother of two special needs children and a bereaved parent, I can tell you that Ms. Noble hit the mark regarding children with dyspraxia. Many children who may seem clumsy on some gross motor skills, including writing skills should take be evaluated in schools. She also is accurate regarding the trials and tribulations of being bereaved and the issues that also arrive not only for the family of the characters also.

- Jeanne Buesser, President, Apraxia Network of Bergen County, New Jersey, USA

Do ghosts exist??

What a lovely story. I couldn't put this book down!! I admit, it may not be of interest to a lot of children to start with due to it being about the Brontes, but this should not deter anyone from reading it!! Its a very simple story of a girl who is struggling with family and school life and has a wonderful imagination. Although she was eventually diagnosed with Dyspraxia you hope that her imagination was 'real' and all she saw and heard was really there. Any child reading this book will learn some interesting facts about the Brontes as well as undertanding that anyone who is 'different' is not always what they seem. Its usually the bully who has a problem, not the victim!! It brought back some memories when i was bullied at school, but is dealt with sympathetically. I think this book would make a brilliant movie!! Read it!!

- Anon, Cumbria, United Kingdom

I look forward to your future books!

Just to say that I read Talli's Secret over the Bank Holiday (in a single sitting, if you exclude a sneak peak the night before) and found it really absorbing, engaging and (don't tell anyone if I'm being soft...!) emotional at the end. It's great publicity for the Bronte heritage sites too: I hope they're grateful! Anyway, well done.

- Oliver Mantell, Yorkshire Word Editor and Development Coordinator, Audiences Yorkshire